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Silvestri Glass Fusion

An imaginative blend of color, style, and spirited design makes Silvestri's product universally popular among the stylish urban hipster and and artsy creative rural alike. Silvestri is now part of Demdaco. Lori Siebert designs these layers of colored glass coupled with iridized metallic finishes to create bright and friendly shapes that make any day a festive occasion. Glass fusion collection comprised of shaped platters, sun catchers and ornaments lets you capture a rainbow of color inside and outside.

Referred to as "warm glass", glass fusion is one of the oldest forms of glass making.

Instead of blowing the glass, torches and kilns are used to make the glass molten. Each piece begins with hand cut, broken, pulled, and ground pieces of glass and other objects.

These pieces of glass and objects are then designed in a layered manner on the kiln shelf. Through a series of firings (at temperatures ranging from 1,200-1,500 degrees) a new piece of glass is formed and finally coaxed into its ultimate shape.